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Website Law - Is Your Website Legal?

Website Law - Is Your Website Legal?

It is easy nowadays, for a person to obtain a website in a relatively short period of time and if they choose their website development company carefully, it will also include a good content management system (CMS) along with easy navigation. That done, It will then need site content, this is an additional service and requires an additional cost unless of course the task can be undertaken by the site owner? However, regardless who compiles the content, the site owner is ultimately responsible for it and should be sure it complies with website law - is your website legal? It could become a costly experience later on if this question isn't seriously considered.

The legality of a website can lead to civil as well as criminal liability and that is why every website owner needs to be particularly careful about the content that will be displayed on their website. Civil liabilities, may lead to damages and injunction payments, criminal liabilities, may lead to fines, criminal records and even imprisonment.

Copyright infringement, is one of the most common legalities that website owners have to face. Domain names and any branding should also be confirmed without a doubt before being used. The law is completely on the side of persons who have registered trademarks and those persons will not think twice to pursue legal avenues when their trademarks are used illegally.

Other website legislation includes data protection laws as well as e-marketing and e-commerce laws. When a website is designed for e-commerce, the web-masters need to be particularly careful not to overstep any corruption laws. In terms of data protection, it is illegal for anyone to provide personal information of another person without the consent of that person.

Copyright infringement, plagiarism and breaching any data protection laws can result in criminal liability. As well as being viewed as extremely offensive to most people, racial hatred and any racial motivation is also a criminal offence. Consider also numerous other misdemeanour’s considered to be at least anti social, including sexism and ageism.

Luckily, when a website owner has any doubts in relation to any of this, there are companies that specialise in website law and they assist companies and individuals alike with legal advice, guidelines and documentation, to help stay within the legal bounds of website content and with matters relating to domain name disputes. After all of this is done, ask once more " Is your website legal "?

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